Secure Mobile Networks with CELLBLOCK™ Technology Protecting Your Workforce

Fenix Group’s Secure Mobile networks are built with defense in mind. As cyber actors become more aggressive, classified data & intellectual property are more at risk than ever when carried on mobile devices. Our Secure Mobile platforms are tailored to your organization’s need case, and are Cyber hardened to prevent bad actors from accessing your data.

In an effort to keep Cyber actors at bay, we work with our clients to formulate custom Secure Mobile networks utilizing CELLBLOCK communications security software, enabling high availability data and throughput over owned infrastructure. Our 4G/LTE Banshee networks combined with anonymous secure VPNs, encrypted file storage, multi-factor authentication, and mobile device management solutions are best-of-breed solutions for keeping your data safe. We offer end-to-end solutions and the training on how to use them in the following domains:

Secure Mobile End Point Devices

  • Full disk encrypted, fully provisioned devices with double-encrypted partitions
  • Samsung MDM, SAFE, and KNOX integration for BYOD data storage & trusted networks
  • Third party apps for file tracking & policy enforcement
  • MDM management and support for email, chat, voice, and XMPP presence and messaging

4G/LTE “Owned Infrastructure” Core Networks & Base Stations

  • Providing for world-class 3GPP standardized LTE service with customer controlled keys
  • Remove hostile infrastructure from the equation by owning your own secure network
  • Training on LTE network provisioning for the addition, removal of UE and SIM card keys

Network Device Hardening and Penetration Testing

  • Device hardening through operating system vulnerability testing and policy development
  • Training on Insider Threat programs & internal network defense
  • Full spectrum penetration testing by world-class providers with decades of experience

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