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Fenix Group’s “best-of-breed” approach to tactical communications deployment covers full spectrum tactical communications.  From Carrier Class 3GPP 4G/LTE services over Inmarsat Global Express backhaul, to Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) Radios for backhaul, we have a solution for your unit’s budget and need case, whether battlefield situational awareness or high speed data streaming from unmanned systems.  Let our experts help you connect your enablers and critical data networks.

Banshee 4G/LTE Tactical Networks

  • Cost effective, long range “owned infrastructure” for battlefield situational awareness
  • Full FOB coverage for reliability and accountability of your force
  • Full virtual core networks, customizable encryption keys and SIM cards
  • Scalable coverage, from 250mw lab systems to 60w, 1000+ users
  • Airborne LTE for austere environment coverage over wide service areas (unmanned & manned)
  • Backhaul agnostic, meshable LTE eNodeB base stations for mobile ad hoc LTE networking
  • Fully integrated LTE virtual EPC/HHS & base stations in Group 2 UAS & vehicle fleets
  • Patent pending

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) Selection, Training, & Integration

  • Best-of-Breed identification, selection, and fleet integration support for your unique needs
  • Bridging to connect systems of systems
  • Integration of Internet of Things (IoT) into larger battlefield IP networks
  • Patent pending

Battlefield Tracking, Monitoring & Network Design

  • Connect disparate units – nations apart
  • Battlefield awareness at the command level, down to individual soldiers
  • Network planning around your unit’s budget & need case
  • Patent pending

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